Mrs. Binoculars vs. “Danny Boy”

Mrs. Binoculars vs. “Danny Boy”

“We interrupt our ongoing report on the Ministry Watchman scandal with breaking news: Ministry Watchman has revealed just who the person is behind the binoculars. But there is one big problem: the evidence points to yet another scam by Ministry Watchman—and this time, it’s a humdinger!”

And thus starts the second article on, posted by Matt Chancey on December 21, 2006.

In that article, he uncovers what appears to be an extremely disturbing cover-up by Ministry Watchman, which was done, most likely, in an attempt to do “damage control”, after the first article exposed what appeared to be a disturbing connection between Ministry Watchman and Jen Epstein, one which they denied. If it was a cover-up, however, it was botched badly, as this second article goes on to explain.

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