Yellow Bellied Bloggers

Kevin Swanson made this very fitting post on November 28, 2006:

“Unfortunately, the Christian world (not to exclude the Christian homeschooling world) is now plagued with infantile, irresponsible, and even slanderous blogging, that threatens to do damage to the unsuspecting and naive among us.  Of recent, I have been guided to these blogging sites by fairly innocuous e-mails bearing links.   Upon perusing the content (which goes on for volumes on end), I could only cringe with embarrassment that such information is made public to a watching world.   What was it that Jesus said? “By this all men shall know that ye are my disciples, if you blog nasty things about one another?””

To view the post in its entirety, you can go to and scroll down until you get to November 28.

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Mrs. Binoculars vs. “Danny Boy”

Mrs. Binoculars vs. “Danny Boy”

“We interrupt our ongoing report on the Ministry Watchman scandal with breaking news: Ministry Watchman has revealed just who the person is behind the binoculars. But there is one big problem: the evidence points to yet another scam by Ministry Watchman—and this time, it’s a humdinger!”

And thus starts the second article on, posted by Matt Chancey on December 21, 2006.

In that article, he uncovers what appears to be an extremely disturbing cover-up by Ministry Watchman, which was done, most likely, in an attempt to do “damage control”, after the first article exposed what appeared to be a disturbing connection between Ministry Watchman and Jen Epstein, one which they denied. If it was a cover-up, however, it was botched badly, as this second article goes on to explain.

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The Unmasking of Mrs. Binoculars, Part 1

The Unmasking of Mrs. Binoculars, Part 1

“They claimed to be a news source. They claimed to be fair-minded reporters in search of the objective truth. They claimed to be vanguards for justice against all forms of ecclesiastical tyranny. They claimed to be defending an innocent, vulnerable woman. They claimed that this poor, vulnerable woman had to remain anonymous in order to protect herself while she disclosed her tragic story of abuse.”

That was the first of many articles on relating to the current situation with Vision Forum, Doug Phillips and their slanderers, which has led to numerous false, misleading, and libelous accusations and lies being hurled at Vision Forum, Doug Phillips, Matt Chancey, Don Hart, and numerous other righteous men and women.

The article, posted in its entirety at , goes on to expose many of those malicious, slanderous attacks on Doug Phillips and his close friends and associates, and reveals a few startling facts about the deceptive underhand ways that his slanderers have been conducting their attacks.

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Welcome to this site!

In the upcoming days, weeks, and months, we intend to post about the current situation involving Vision Forum, Doug Phillips, Matt Chancey, and many other of their close friends and associates.

In future posts, we may be referring to often, as that is currently (to the best of my knowledge) the site that is providing the most accurate, detailed, and documented information on the current controversy. If you haven’t already checked out their articles on the situation, I would encourage you to go ahead and visit, to see some of their superb coverage of the unfortunate events which have happened over the course of the past few months.

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